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published by , on 10/04/2015

Mardi de la semaine passée (le 31 mars), l’agence de communication RH Universal Communication (UC) déposait le bilan et le Tribunal de Commerce de Bruxelles prononçait la faillite. Hier, De Facto Image Building, en plein accord avec le curateur, a écrit aux clients d’UC pour leur annoncer que De Facto reprenait de la curatelle le […]

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published by , on 09/04/2015

Vorige week dinsdag (31 maart) legde HR-communicatiebureau Universal Communication (UC) de boeken neer en verklaarde de Brusselse rechtbank  van koophandel de vennootschap failliet. Vandaag schreef De Facto Image Building, met medeweten en akkoord van de curator, de klanten van UC aan om ze te melden dat De Facto het klantenbestand en de klantengegevens alsmede de […]

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published by , on 09/03/2015

In this series, professionals share all the right — and wrong — ways to leave a job. Follow the stories here, and write your own (please include #IQuit somewhere in the body of your post). I have told my employees that I don’t expect them to stay on board forever. I raise my children saying […]

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published by , on 28/02/2015

By Carl Bennett & Laurence Collins (Deloitte Consulting) Too few organizations are actively implementing people analytics1 capabilities to address complex business and talent needs. Three in four surveyed companies (75 percent) believe that using people analytics is “important,” but just 8 percent believe their organization is “strong” in this area—almost exactly the same percentage as […]

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published by , on 27/02/2015

In this blogpost I share my notes on a workshop I recently participated in. It is titled ‘Raising Your Game’ and it was conducted by Change Management guru (and friend) Daryl Conner. Waking Up The workshop didn’t promise to bring any answers on the level of expertise. To the contrary, what we got out of it […]

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published by , on 25/11/2014

    Par Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts (professeur associé, HEC/Paris) Au cours des dernières années, il y a peu de sujets  qui incitent à l’optimisme des DRH tant ils se voient toujours cantonnés dans des rôles de mise en œuvre des stratégies de restructurations. Parmi les sujets qui sont cependant susceptibles de redonner un peu […]

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published by , on 24/11/2014

Traditional performance analysis in most companies consists of retrospective analysis that provides a backward-looking view, reporting what happened in the past. To be able to add value, HR will need to evolve from descriptive to predictive analytics, working with statistical models and forecast techniques to understand the future and answer the question: ‘What could happen […]

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published by , on 20/11/2014

Door Frank Vander Sijpe (Director HR Research Securex en co-auteur van Mijn werk maatwerk) Over Het Nieuwe Werken is inmiddels al heel wat gezegd en geschreven. In één adem wordt dan al snel gepraat over het personaliseren van werkomstandigheden (tijd en plaats van het werk). Waar het aanvankelijk om een hype leek te gaan waarop […]

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published by , on 15/11/2014

In this series of posts, Influencers explain how their career paths might have changed. Read all the stories here and write your own (please include the hashtag #RoadNotTaken in the body of your post). I became an entrepreneur by accident. I grew up in a very traditional family. My father was a teacher and my […]

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published by , on 10/11/2014

Door Patrick Vermeren en Tom Speelman Big Data en HR Analytics zijn hot De laatste maanden boomt een nieuwe hype binnen HR: het gebruik van Big Data om betekenisvolle uitkomsten te voorspellen zoals toekomstige prestaties, risico op vrijwillig ontslag enzovoort. ‘Big data’ is de term die men gebruikt voor een verzameling data die enorm groot […]

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