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published by , on 08/06/2015

  Laszlo Bock (Senior Vice President People Operations, Google): De toekomst van werk  (Work Rules) (Lezing op 21 mei aan het John Adams Institute in Amsterdam) ‘De toekomst van werk. Inzichten van google die je kijk op het leven veranderen’. In ‘De toekomst van werk’ geeft Laszlo Bock allerlei voorbeelden uit de dagelijkse praktijk – […]

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published by , on 28/05/2015

De Belgische/Vaamse maar internationaal gerenommeerd technologie-ondernemer en auteur Peter Hinssen werd in De Tijd 23 mei laatstleden geïnterviewd naar aanleiding van zijn nieuw boek (The network always wins. How to survive in the age of uncertainty, uitgegeven bij Mc Graw Hill – verschijnt in september in het Nederlands). In dat vraaggesprek, van 2 pagina lang, […]

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published by , on 01/05/2015

Dave Ulrich and ‘The RBL Group’ came up with some great new HR Analytics & Metrics insights. They gave answer to a prone question we all have: How can you create value through measuring and analysing? The answer has obviously something to do with HR Analytics! Ulrich is asking the question: ‘Do you like numbers […]

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published by , on 28/04/2015

Par Tabea MENEZ (For Best People) Le Blended Learning a trouvé son entrée dans la formation professionnelle en France il y a plus d’une décennie. Malgré le fait que l’efficacité de ce nouveau concept pédagogique ait été prouvée par de nombreuses études, des réussites de projets blended learning ont rarement fait l’affiche. Depuis une ou […]

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published by , on 17/04/2015

By John Zappe The geeks have arrived in HR, declares Josh Bersin. “Statisticians, mathematicians, and engineers have entered the people analytics space.” Writing in Forbes, the noted industry analyst and consultant outlines the development of the use of “big data” or, as he calls it, “people analytics” in the hiring and management of talent. “Human […]

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published by , on 15/04/2015

In an earlier post I promised myself to wake up as often as I can to the fact that I can make a difference when I align my true character (who I am) with my presence (how I show up). This one is about waking up to my intent. I am zooming in on the […]

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published by , on 10/04/2015

Mardi de la semaine passée (le 31 mars), l’agence de communication RH Universal Communication (UC) déposait le bilan et le Tribunal de Commerce de Bruxelles prononçait la faillite. Hier, De Facto Image Building, en plein accord avec le curateur, a écrit aux clients d’UC pour leur annoncer que De Facto reprenait de la curatelle le […]

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published by , on 09/04/2015

Vorige week dinsdag (31 maart) legde HR-communicatiebureau Universal Communication (UC) de boeken neer en verklaarde de Brusselse rechtbank  van koophandel de vennootschap failliet. Vandaag schreef De Facto Image Building, met medeweten en akkoord van de curator, de klanten van UC aan om ze te melden dat De Facto het klantenbestand en de klantengegevens alsmede de […]

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published by , on 09/03/2015

In this series, professionals share all the right — and wrong — ways to leave a job. Follow the stories here, and write your own (please include #IQuit somewhere in the body of your post). I have told my employees that I don’t expect them to stay on board forever. I raise my children saying […]

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published by , on 28/02/2015

By Carl Bennett & Laurence Collins (Deloitte Consulting) Too few organizations are actively implementing people analytics1 capabilities to address complex business and talent needs. Three in four surveyed companies (75 percent) believe that using people analytics is “important,” but just 8 percent believe their organization is “strong” in this area—almost exactly the same percentage as […]

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