published by , on 19/08/2016

Par Jean-Baptiste Audrerie (Futurs Talents) Quelle langue parlerez-vous en 2020 ? A chaque époque son vocabulaire. Il y a dix ans, je parlais du web2.0, du crowdsourcing et de fils RSS. Il y a 5 ans, je murmurais « Big Data ». Cette année, je parle autrement. Plongés dans ce monde Global, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Cognitif et Sécurité, nous […]

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published by , on 15/08/2016

By Jan Hills  (Partner Head Heart + Brain) I keep being asked ‘what relevance does neuroscience have for HR?’ These clients have done a little reading, seen the more sensational media on ideas like mirror neurons and the Tarantula study and some of the claims about research into the human brain. There are lots of claims and […]

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By HumanResourcesMBA Staff As part of an effort to examine the best career options for individuals pursuing a degree in human resources, we turn our attention to the most innovative corporate human resources departments in the world. We present these by way of informing HR grads as to outstanding potential future employers, and as examples […]

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Door Jan Denys (arbeidsmarktdeskundige bij Randstand) De opkomst van de uitzendarbeid wekte in de jaren 60 dezelfde weerstand als de opkomst van Uber nu. En daar kan het snelgroeiende bedrijf iets van leren. Uber vormt zonder twijfel een uitdaging van jewelste voor de economie, de arbeidsmarkt en het traditionele bedrijf. Zijn exponentiële groei en snelle […]

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published by , on 11/07/2016

By Lucy Adams (The Disruptive HR Agency) As the death rattle of the Ulrich model gets louder, many HR professionals are asking the question “What is the next generation HR structure?” We have almost given up trying to find enough outstanding (and affordable) HR Business Partners. We continue to struggle to find and keep CofE professionals […]

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By Melissa Adjiputro (Marketing Analyst at Concentra Analytics) Review of Rupert Morrison’s book : Data-driven Organization Design. Based on talks from Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD and Nathan Adams, HR Director at Aviva, during an HR event in the UK. It is clear why this book has garnered a lot of attention. It addresses one of […]

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Par Sia Partners Le Reverse Mentoring : privilégier la compétence à l’expérience Le Reverse Mentoring repose sur le principe du mentorat, mais dans un sens aytpique : le mentor est ici le moins expérimenté au sein de l’entreprise tandis que le mentee est généralement un cadre dirigeant. Ce type de mentorat est considéré comme inversé car les […]

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By Gal Rimon  (GamEffective) HR technology, once a fairly conservative area, is rapidly changing. These changes aren’t about vendors or fancy technology they are affecting people’s inner work lives, organizational culture, gamification and how we think about performance. In general, the HR function is becoming more objective and real-time. No more subjective performance evaluations based on […]

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Door Ste­ven Dhondt en Geert Van Hoo­te­gem (hoog­le­raars ar­beids­or­ga­ni­sa­tie en in­no­va­tiema­na­ge­ment aan de KU Leu­ven) De ba­sis­hou­ding van werk­ne­mers is lang ge­weest dat ar­beid op kan­toor of in de fa­briek dien­de te ge­beu­ren, onder het gezag en het toe­zicht van een baas. Voor wer­ken­den gold dat in­no­va­tie on­ze­ker­heid en ri­si­co met zich mee­brengt. En ri­si­co […]

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By Ben Willmott (Head of public policy of CIPD) Raj Thamotheram argues in his analysis of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster that long-term investors need to re-think how they understand and assess sustainability. He argues that this event was a preventable surprise that could have been anticipated had attention been paid to readily available warning […]

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