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published by , on 05/09/2014

“1 op 3 Belgische bedienden mag vakantie deels niet zelf kiezen” luidt de titel van het laatste persbericht dat we de ether instuurden. Misschien op het eerste zicht nieuws dat echt thuishoort in de komkommerperiode. Maar voor wie tussen de lijnen kan lezen, is er mogelijk meer aan hand. Het niet kunnen vrij kiezen van […]

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published by , on 02/09/2014

Door Hans Rothweiler (Top Employers Institute) The Top Employers Institute believes it is time to take both HR and employer branding to a next level. It’s no surprise that some of the best-known high-street brands are also some of the best ‘employer brands’ too. While companies such as Google, Apple, eBay and Sony all regularly […]

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published by , on 30/08/2014

Par Christel Lambolez (JobSféric) La capacité d’innovation du/de la DRH dépend de la liberté d’action des collaborateurs pour créer et de la promotion d’un nouveau genre d’organisation « sphérique ». Orientées vers les besoins des clients, toutes les compétences ont vocation à s’épanouir grâce à un management revisité et un fort leadership. C’est la rentrée […]

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published by , on 29/08/2014

When Sander and Wannes, my two sons, returned from a summer camp the other day one of the first things they told me was how they’d won a cooking contest. My two boys, whom I thought didn’t know what a cooking pot looked like, prepared the best meal out of all their friends. I was […]

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published by , on 21/08/2014

They used to tell me I was building a dream With peace and glory ahead Why should I be standing in line Just waiting for bread? Can You Spare A Dime, Ronnie Lane, Single, 1975 XYZ, een groot bedrijf dat decennialang gediversifieerd heeft – ze biedt onder meer reisagentschappen, elektrische schrijfmachines, sociale secretariaten en pampers […]

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published by , on 04/08/2014

Par Christel Lambolez (JobSféric) Peut-on être DRH aujourd’hui ? À en croire l’actualité, la complexité des tâches allouées aux DRH, leur incapacité à se faire entendre auprès des directions générales, leur exposition au burn-out, il vaudrait mieux éviter ce métier ! Ces dernières années, toutes leurs attributions ont peu à peu été remises à plat […]

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published by , on 29/07/2014

I hope there’s a lot more in it there for me. I’d like my trousers pressed and my shoes shined up by a rich girl, who’s only care in the world is me. Give Give Give Me More More More, The Wonder Stuff, The Eight Legged Groove Machine, 1988 De in 2005 ingevoerde woonbonus […]

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published by , on 21/07/2014

Wat maakt je uniek? Die vraag wordt te weinig gesteld op de arbeidsmarkt. We beantwoorden ze al te veel door mensen in kotjes te stoppen, beladen met vooroordelen. Je bent werkzoekende (ocharme, eigen schuld, dikke bult,…), 50-plusser (“oud” en “out”), persoon met een arbeidshandicap (alsof hij of zij alleen bestaat uit een handicap), persoon van […]

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published by , on 17/07/2014

Since 2012, ABN-AMRO partners with iNostix and Bright & Company for their HR Analytics projects. Time for an interview with Patrick Coolen, Manager Workforce Planning and HR Analytics at ABN-AMRO, based at the HQ in Amsterdam. Patrick also presented the ABN-AMRO HR Analytics general framework at several international conferences and the participants really liked his […]

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published by , on 05/07/2014

What’s your job title? Do you like it? And do you find it appropriate? I mean, does it reflect your responsibilities, your actual job? I’m asking because I get confused a lot by job titles. Just the other day I met a really nice guy; a smooth talker, aged 26, with a pleasing personality and […]

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