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published by , on 05/01/2014

Aujourd’hui, on trouve encore des personnes qui minimisent les risques liés aux changements climatiques, même si les experts nous mettent en garde depuis des décennies. Les signaux se font toujours plus clairs. Au plus nous tardons à rechercher des solutions, au plus difficile il nous sera de les trouver. Nous constatons une même attitude dans […]

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published by , on 18/12/2013

Personalisatie is een basisprincipe om loopbanen in de toekomst vorm te geven met het oog op motiverende, gezonde en gelukkige jobs. Het impliceert echter geen naïeve, onbezonnen vrijheid. Loslaten waar mogelijk, vasthouden waar nodig. Hoe deze balans tussen loslaten en vasthouden precies vorm te geven, is echter op basis van de huidige stand van de […]

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published by , on 16/12/2013

Are you a strategic partner? Have you designed the HR department to support the strategy? You have probably noticed the huge turnover amongst HR professionals in 2013. The traditional functionally focused HR professional has been replaced by colleagues with a sound business experience, often with an engineering background. The two introductory questions underpin their actions. […]

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published by , on 15/12/2013

Attitude is one of the most important criteria if you are thinking about hiring someone. Sure, skills are important, but hiring the right skills with the wrong attitude will result in a lot of headaches. So hire someone who lacks some skills but has the right attitude, and you can grow together. My credo is […]

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published by , on 25/11/2013

Door Jef Staes ( Managers, politici, vakbonden en HR zijn er de voorbije jaren in geslaagd om op een sluipende manier medewerkers hun vrijheid om passioneel te leren en te bewegen te ontnemen. Ze zijn er onbewust in geslaagd een ganse generatie jonge, talentrijke medewerkers te veranderen in schapen. Maar de wereld is nu eenmaal radicaal […]

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published by , on 23/11/2013

It makes no sense to adapt to an imaginary future that is not yet in place. It’s causing unnecessary resistance. In the 1990′s management guru Michael Hammer became famous with BPR (Business Process Reengineering). In 2005 he released a video on succeeding with SAP underscoring why so many implementations fail. There was also some math […]

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published by , on 21/10/2013

Un nouveau bras de fer s’annonce entre les employeurs et les syndicats. Cette fois, il porte sur la modification de la réglementation sur le contrôle médical en cas d’absence, tel qu’il figure dans le projet de loi relatif au statut unique. De quoi s’agit-il ? Ce projet de loi établit que les employeurs pourront obliger […]

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published by , on 11/10/2013

Ever since I started my second business, a SaaS company for recruitment, people show a lot of interest in what I am doing and are mostly very enthusiastic. However, they rarely show real interest to invest. It’s every startup’s challenge, of course. But I often receive feedback- direct or indirect – that I am too […]

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published by , on 02/10/2013

By Elaine Cohen (founding partner of Beyond Business and author of CSR for HR) I thing we are in danger of diluting the “employee engagement” concept to one which is more passive than active. I am not sure who holds the definitive definition of employee engagement these days but generally it tends to refer to […]

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published by , on 27/09/2013

Door Eric de Vries (Change-Coaching) Reeds eind vorige eeuw zei Peter Drucker “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, waarmee hij bedoelde dat de rol van de bedrijfscultuur een enorme invloed heeft op het goed functioneren van een organisatie. Uit onderzoek blijkt dat in organisaties met een waardegedreven cultuur het engagement van medewerkers hoger is, dat ze […]

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