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Agency Recruiting Is Broken, It’s Time To Cut the Middleman By Chase Morrow (FETCH, hiring platform) The middleman is unnecessarily expensive and quite frankly just unnecessary. The middleman is biased. The hiring process should be transparent. The middleman depends on commission therefore unnecessarily expensive. The hiring process should be affordable. Times should have changed a long […]

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By Ben Willmott (Head of public policy of CIPD) Raj Thamotheram argues in his analysis of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster that long-term investors need to re-think how they understand and assess sustainability. He argues that this event was a preventable surprise that could have been anticipated had attention been paid to readily available warning […]

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Door Annelies Baelus (Business Manager Opleidingen bij Acerta) Het doet wat met een learning-junkie: 4 dagen ondergedompeld worden in boeiende sessies, uitdagende workshops en inspirerende redevoeringen, over leren en talent ontwikkelen tijdens de ATD International Conference & Exposition in Denver (22-25 mei 2016). Naast een heleboel praktische tips die ik hapklaar kan toepassen in mijn […]

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Par Jean-Yves Germain (accents m-rh) La sérendipité qualifie le fait de « trouver quelque chose que l’on ne cherchait pas ». Il arrive que ce soit parce que l’on cherchait autre chose, par contrainte, par accident ou maladresse, … La sérendipité, c’est une exploitation opportune de l’imprévu, de l’inattendu.  10 raisons de cultiver la sérendipité pour innover […]

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