Mummy I want to be a CEO
published by , on 20/02/2011

By Michèle Mees (Partner FEMCO)

Marion Chapsal wrote a very good article on her blog Geronimo Coaching: Mummy I want to be a housewife.

Recent articles and opinions of researchers point out that women are not at all eager to climb the career ladder, and that they are quite happy sheltering under their husband’s protective shield.

We’ve had the same reflections here last year when a Dutch female journalist published a book stating that women prefer to work part time, go shopping and drink coffee instead of slaving long hours to get that promotion (“The myth of the glass ceiling by Stellinga).

Trying to change corporate cultures is hard work. It’s like stretching an elastic band; it just wants to spring back to its original state.

Marion refers to a study to be published by Dr Hakim who says “Men dominate top positions because many women simply do not want long careers in business”. And I agree with her. It’s not easy to motivate women to pitch for senior positions when the game is an all-masculine one.

But that doesn’t mean the rules of the game can’t be changed. More feminine values and qualities will most definitely change the game for the better. Creativity, innovation, sustainability, employee happiness, customer engagement, productivity and organizational efficiency… we simply need balanced leaders for all of this.


Event – ‘The Balanced Leader’. April 5, 2011

“The balanced leader – creating a balance of masculine and feminine qualities within yourself and your organization”. Author: Michèle Mees (Partner FEMCO)

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