Close the Talent Intelligence Gap
published by , on 10/10/2010

As businesses look to grow after the recession, they report a “talent intelligence gap” where they lack insights into their largest asset: people. In fact, 75% of executives reported that they lacked the talent insights they needed for better business outcomes.

The Harvard Business Review’s Competing on Talent Analytics article and audio interview explains how leading companies are using employee data to achieve competitive advantage. Yet an i4cp study says Most Companies Don’t Use Data When Making Decisions About People.

So how do you start? How to Get Your Executives to Pay Attention to Metrics emphasizes five key differentiators. And in Taleo Brings New Intelligence to Talent Management, Ventana Research outlines how talent analytics across a unified talent management platform can aggregate information for meaningful talent intelligence.

Taleo Analytics™ powers strategic talent intelligence. Executives, line managers, and HR teams get increased visibility to optimize workforces, achieve business impact through talent management, and then continue to measure to get better.

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