Rocky road
published by , on 07/03/2010

A number of studies indicate job growth as organizations around the world emerge from recession mode in 2010.


But these optimistic trends are tempered by expectations of a rocky road. PricewaterhouseCooper’s 13th Annual Global CEO Survey further concludes:
Highly skilled still globally in demand
Specialists remain in demand, and many parts of the world are still struggling to attract and keep talent. Over the long term, businesses may live to regret the drastic headcount reduction they have made during the downturn.

The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2010 Survey found CEOs appear to be emerging from recession mode and priming for a return to growth…but The Conference Board cautions: U.S. Labor Market Faces Bumpy Road from Recession to Recovery.

It seems that One Ambivalent Economy + Many Cautious Employers = One Difficult Job Market in which “…job seekers will have to be more flexible, willing to take short-term assignments or relocate to places where jobs are plentiful.”

This all points to the need for agility for both jobseekers and corporations as we move Toward a Flexible Staffing Model. Consolidating recruiting and performance processes will provide more intelligent workforce insights for a clear view of the outlook ahead.

CIPD Next Generation HR research finds potential of a bright future, but challenges the HR profession to raise its sights to deliver on true potential. Among its recommendations:
Put true, game-changing insight at the heart of its work. Introducing the concept of ‘organisational insight’ – the combination of real business ‘savvy’ and a deep appreciation of the people, political and cultural factors that determine ‘what really goes on around here’ – the report unpicks the capacity of HR to offer unique solutions to the challenges of building organisations that last.

More tactical is step four in 5 Steps for Agility in a Volatile Economy which prescribes: Implement an integrated performance management system that supports a culture of coaching accountability and development.

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