Appraisals – why managers hate them
published by , on 06/08/2009
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  • Helen Peckham says:

    Managers are sometimes too worried they will say the wrong thing when appraising staff, which makes it difficult to hold appraisals. Performance Management System has to be part of every day operations in order for managers to feel comfortable. All too often it’s a once a year event pushed on them by HR and a paperwork exercise. As an HR professional we all too often hear that someone is not good at their job and when we ask for evidence there is generally very little or none at all then they wonder why we have difficulty dealing with underperformers. It also goes the other way, how do managers know who their outstanding high flyers are if they don’t performance manage?

  • Veronique Allemane says:

    managers need to understand what is in it for them, what is in it for their staff and the cost of not giving appropriate feedback and having staff not performing, they also need to be trained at giving feedback, not just for appraisals but all year long, an appraisal is on ly a summary of what has happened, the feedback and performance must happened all year long. it also helps for manager to understand what is blocking them to do the appraisal? what is their particular fear/ threat and then they can work on it and practice. some poeple are scared of ruining a relationship, others just do not know how to give feedback, others did not know it was expected from them etc…

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