Employee Retention: #1 Issue in the UK
published by , on 24/01/2009

The Taleo Research study, HR Challenges in 2009 has found—for the third consecutive year—that employee retention is the biggest concern for UK HR managers.

Although budgets may tighten as the UK economy slows—more HR managers expect their budget to decrease (25%) rather than increase (22%); about half (54%) expect no change—the focus will be on identifying and retaining top talent. Internal mobility and employee engagement are viewed as essential components to retain a competitive edge and ensure company survival.

To respond to that challenge, almost half (48%) of those surveyed want “a system to improve performance management, succession and career planning” in 2009.


The need for better tools and the emphasis on retention practices by HR managers is further validated by a employee survey. It found 40 percent do not feel loyal to their current employer and 23 percent said they are likely to leave their current position to change jobs in a year or less. A number of the reasons cited for the lack of loyalty map directly to the need for improved talent management programs.

Performance management can address the criticisms:
Don’t feel my employer values me (61%)
My efforts are not recognized or appreciated (46%)

Internal mobility, succession and career planning initiatives can counter the complaints:
Not enough career advancement opportunities (42%)
Work is not challenging enough (24%)

With a focus on retention at the top of the list in this 2009 recessionary economy, HR managers in the UK and worldwide can realize positive outcomes from talent management solutions that directly impact the performance of their workforces.

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  • Martin Smith says:

    Where does people management and leadership fit into this issue?

    In my experience HR can design and implement all of the systems and processes that research says are necessary but unless the business leaders implement and use them effectively they are virtually worthless.

    In my view more value should be placed by HR on training and helping the business leaders to build better relationships with their teams taking time to understand them and make them feel valued.
    These simple steps are the foundation for any system or process being implemented but sadly are often overlooked perhaps as they appear too simplistic?

    Succession Planning, Internal mobility and Performance Management tools are all excellent and necessary tools but you need to understand what your employees expectations are first.

    It has often been said that people leave because of their relationship with their boss rather than the systems and processes in the organisation itself.

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