Leren met Obama
published by , on 19/11/2008

cariobama.gifNa de overwinning van Barack Obama ben ik hem onmiddellijk gaan integreren in opleidingen en individuele coachings. De vraag was: wat zou je graag willen kunnen zoals Obama en wat zou je er liever niet van overerven. Vooral zijn charisma en redenaarstalenten  wou men graag overgetransplanteerd krijgen. Verder zag men zijn change-neigingen en mantra-techniek (’Yes we can’) wel zitten. Bent u overigens wel al gelinkined met de toekomstige president?

Zijn kwaliteiten en hoopgevende gaven zijn in de pers ruim aan bod gekomen, maar hoe zou het eigenlijk zitten met zijn leercompetenties? Mijn held uit Amerika, Elliott Masie, kent hem van iets dichterbij en is erg positief: I have had the unique opportunity to spend time, one to one, with Barack Obama.  He is a deeply curious and learning focused individual. He asked about books that he might read, we talked about the role that learning must play in his administration, and he asked the probing questions that one would want from a CEO and hopefully a President.  He is a learner in every sense of the word. He took notes as we talked, extended the conversation into related domains and even asked for feedback on a few key areas of his leadership style.

I have met with the senior members of his campaign, from his HR Director to Field Director to COO.  Each was chosen carefully and has been woven into a team that is all about “No Drama” and incredible efficiency.

Obama “gets” the role of technology. I have seen him leverage Web 2.0 in his campaign and we spoke about the ways in which he would use technology to engage citizens and harvest the “Wisdom of the Crowds” as part of the decision making process. He is also focused on the need for infrastructure investment, including the electrical grid for technology growth.

Is dat niet ferm? Zo’n man die vraagt welke boeken hij zou moeten lezen, die noteert, die feedback vraagt en die mee is met moderne technologie? Of zou hij toch stiekem, zoals bij ons Herman Decroo, niet in staat zijn een e-mailtje te lezen en erop te antwoorden?

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